Compare Suite PRO

Tool to compare and combine files

Compare Suite PRO is comparison software of files and folders. Using this software you can easily compare any to any file, combine files and create a report showing the comparison of the files.

It enables to compare MS excel (. xls), Web-page (. htm) files, office documents, including MS Word (. doc) among others. This is very convenient to use since it deals with plain text, binary files and office documents you can easily make changes, edit or delete, and compare, and or remove the changes from the files or documents.

One of the best things about this software is that it almost supports all the popular office formats, and now even office 2007 formats like docx and xlsx, open office formats are fully supported.

Compare Suite PRO is very flexible depending on the format you are using and the format you are comparing. Some of the features of this tool are the following.

First, it enables to compare two different by Keywords used between the two non-related documents. Second, you can easily get the changes made in two folders.

Compare Suite PRO is best recommended to people in offices working with formats of files or documents. Through this software comparing, making changes, and editing files and documents can be done with ease and accuracy.